The Institute for the Study of the Americas recently conducted a survey of U.S. presidents:

Through the agency of its United States Presidency Centre [USPC], the Institute for the Study of the Americas (located in the University of London’s School of Advanced Study) has undertaken the first ever UK academic survey to rate US presidents. This polled the opinion of UK specialists in US history and political studies to assess presidential performance and produced an overall rating on the basis of the responses.  They also gave an interim assessment of Barack Obama but his unfinished presidency was not included in the survey.

 Compare these rankings*, particularly of the Early Republic presidents, to the ones I posted about last July:

Siena                                                         ISA

4. George Washington                       3. Washington

5. Thomas Jefferson                          4. Jefferson

6. James Madison                               9. Jackson

7. James Monroe                               12. J. Adams

12. James K. Polk                               13. Monroe

14. Andrew Jackson                         14. Madison

17. John Adams                                 16. Polk

19. John Quincy Adams                  20. J.Q. Adams

23. Martin Van Buren                      27. Van Buren

33. Zachary Taylor                           33. Taylor

35. William Henry Harrison          35. Fillmore

37. John Tyler                                    37. Tyler

38. Millard Fillmore                         39. Pierce

40. Franklin Pierce                           40. Buchanan

43. James Buchanan

I find it interesting that Jackson and the elder Adams are rated higher in the ISA survey. The rest of the rankings of the Early Republic presidents are very similar.

* Unlike the Siena survey, the ISA survey did not evaluate William Henry Harrison, James Garfield, or Barack Obama.

4 thoughts on “The British Rank the U.S. Presidents

  1. As a historian I would like to bring it to your attention that there is no proof of Thomas Jefferson fathering the Sally Hemings children. Monticello and some of their associates, Annette Gordon-Reed, Prof. Peter Onuf and others are WRONG and have a major agenda.

    I assisted Dr Foster with the DNA study and I have all inside information on this. Please consult the two mentioned web pages for the truth.

    Herb Barger
    Founder, Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society

      1. Mark,

        I also got a comment Mr. Barger today re: Jefferson’s illegitimate children. The odd thing (or not so odd, I suppose), was the the comment was left on a post I wrote that had absolutely nothing to do with Jefferson, Hemmings, or children born out of wedlock.

        Seems like an odd (and Sisyphean) task Mr. Barger is embarking on to spread his perspective.

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