There is a meme circulating on Facebook that seems to be based on the conspiracy theory that Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated by the Rothschilds because they wanted to “end the federal reserve banking system.” Let’s pick this meme apart to see how historically accurate it is.

1. There was no federal reserve system when Lincoln was president. The Federal Reserve System was not established until 1913.

2. Prior to the Federal Reserve System, there had been a national bank*, and Andrew Jackson had made its end one of his key second-term goals.

3. Two assassins attempted to kill Jackson, but no evidence suggests that they were sent by the Bank.**

4. Some people have emphasized the eerie similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy, which are easily explainable.

* There were two national banks, in fact: The 1st Bank of the U.S., which was chartered from 1791-1811 and the 2nd Bank of the U.S., chartered from 1816-1836.

** There is that pesky Booth letter, though.


16 thoughts on “Debunking the Lincoln-Kennedy Federal Reserve Meme

  1. Has anyone ever watched the JFK assassination & noticed the driver slows down, turns around a total of 3 times, & does not speed off until he sees Kennedy’s head has been shot clean off? In the Warren Commission, he testified the 2nd time he turned around he saw blood on Gov Connelly, the 3rd time he turned around he saw JFK had been shot in the head….wait, you testified you HEARD the gunshot, you SAW the blood, but you continued to crawl along until you turned around a THIRD time & saw JFK’s head shot? If someone was shooting at a open car I was driving, I believe it’s common sense to speed up when you notice a passenger (Gov Connelly) has been shot….and isn’t he supposed to be PROTECTING THE PRESIDENT?
    Also, in the Warren Report, the driver is asked where he worked…..The TREASURY? He was JUST transferred from the TREASURY to driving the President? And this was about the 2nd time he had ever actually driven the President.
    According to the Warren Commission report.
    Ironically, I was given the link to this section of the WC report by someone explaining to me that the driver had nothing to do with it, since I simply observed it was odd to drive so slowly, while looking behind you, while CLEARLY being fired upon.
    Do I think the Fed killed JFK? The thing is, the Fed, the CIA, & the Mob…are all organized crime & they are all in bed together…and JFK had enemies in all of them, he was MAJOR threats to ending the Fed, ending the CIA, & Ruby killing LHO implicates the Mob on some level. Only someone high ranking, like LBJ had the ability to pull the SS off duty, have the CIA cover up, he was tight with Dulles, former head of CIA who JFK fired, but the Fed pulled someone out of the Treasury, now printing interest & debt free money backed by gold & silver by JFK instead of the ungodly corruption of the Federal Reserve. Incidentally, LBJ had bribed, cheated, & murdered his way to the VP, & was facing prison or the Presidency. He overturned everything of JFK’s except the Civil Rights Bill (& he was a HUGE racist, & so messed that up as well).
    JFK’s threat to the Fed was to put them out of business, cut them out of making money, & pull troops FROM Nam (war is money, for the gov & especially the Fed). If JFK’s US Notes were continued, we would not have TRILLIONS of dollars debt right now, we would not have so much blood on our hands, of American’s & foreigner’s, like the 500,000 children killed in Iraq age 5 & under, called genocide. The Fed funded both sides of that war, both sides of WW2 (that way they can’t lose, they get the rebuilding contracts & money, interest, etc Ever wonder how Germany bounced back from WW1 so fast? Then again from WW2?
    The Fed has the Treasury print money at 2 cents a bill, any amount( sometimes free, they’ve never been audited, it’s against the law). Then the gov buys it from them at face value, WITH interest, and they must have collateral! Imagine how much money the Fed makes off of war when the US spends more on military than all other countries in the world combined! They are the only private corporation in the US not subject to federal or state taxation.
    It would seem Rothschild was right when he said “Give me the power to print & control money, & I care not who makes the laws. Whoever controls the money controls the Nation”…this is easily verified & why would someone make that statement if they were not INTENDING to do this very thing, as his actions with Lincoln, if you believe the Booth documents, prove. He was determined to get control of America’s banking system, & today the Rothschild family is one of the 5 families that controls the world’s money, located in NYC & London. Proof enough for me. Alone.

  2. The federal reserve was not in place yet in America when Lincoln was in office but It was tryinig to be implimented by the the banking cartel at the time. President Lincoln needed money to finance the Civil War, and the international bankers offered him loans at 24-36% interest. Lincoln balked at their demands because he didn’t want to plunge the nation into such a huge debt. Lincoln approached Congress about passing a law to authorize the printing of U.S. Treasury Notes. Lincoln said “We gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they ever had – their own paper money to pay their debts…” Lincoln printed over 400 million “Greenbacks” (debt and interest-free) and paid the soldiers, U.S. government employees, and bought war supplies. The international bankers didn’t like it and wanted Lincoln to borrow the money from them, so that the American people would owe tremendous interest on the loan. Lincoln’s solution made this seem ridiculous. Shortly after Lincoln’s death, the government revoked the Greenback law which ended Lincoln’s debt-free, interest-free money. A new national banking act was enacted and all currency became interest-bearing, debt instruments, again….Just incase someone disagrees with the meme lol

    1. You are correct. There was no federal reserve system when Lincoln was president. It was called The National Banking Act. Same crap, different smell.

  3. I feel that we are not always given all the facts or told the whole truth. Actually, that is a fact, we are not. On a daily basis right now, there are many “black ops” and/or other secretive acts being perpetrated by governments/banks/corporations (pretty much all the samething nowadays) all over the world, that we as, lowly citizens know nothing about. It’s called “classified” for whatever reason, “national security” being the most default excuse. And how will we ever know what really happened, if it is indeed classified? We won’t. And to assume that people in positions of enormous power and enormous wealth are doing no wrong, not hiding anything and/or have our “best interests” in mind, is preposterous. History has shown us that governments lie, cheat, steal, cover-up and kill, to fulfil their agendas. It’s human nature. And all governments are composed of humans. MK-Ultra, Watergate, Gulf of Tonkin are a few examples of the debauchery committed by the U.S. government alone. Now, one can assume, that if an institution such as a “government” has a history of such atrocities, it is then safe to assume that the possibility of other atrocities being committed is highly plausible. Just because a government is caught doing something, does not mean they stop. They just switch tactics and reform under a different guise…. And yes, the CIA was involved in a ‘benign cover-up’ to withhold information from investigators about JFK’s assassination. Obviously I am not saying there was a full-blown-Oliver-Stone conspiracy happening, but a cover-up (in any form) on such a monumental event as the J.F.K. assassination, is frightening. When the evil deeds of governments are finally brought to light, it is beyond disturbing, because these are only the ones we know about, that we caught. What about all the other things that happened and go on, that we have no idea about? That we will never know?

    1. Unquestionably, there are actual conspiracies. But that doesn’t mean that everything is a conspiracy, and we can’t make that leap in the absence of evidence.

      1. I agree. But we must look at the history of the institution in question. If they have a long history of misdeeds, then the accusations against them have to be taken into account. And you are right, not everything is a conspiracy. There are many valid and true consipracies, but far more of them are elaborate frauds. I, by default, do not trust governments and lay the burden of proof on them to prove their innocence (which can be paradoxical if poilcing themselves). I do not dismiss things right away, nor do I try to accept them so easily, but to do further research on the issue and see what I find. But, if I did this on every theory it would turn into a full-time job, lol…… “In the real world as in dreams, nothing is quite what it seems.” – The Book of Counted Sorrows.

      2. Not one single thing “debunking” is true. Just because it wasn’t called the Federal Reserve Bank until 1913 doesn’t mean the people who installed that bank didn’t own the First Bank that was trying to screw over Lincoln & America with their high interest rates (exactly like what is going on today). Andrew Jackson clearly stated “The Bank is trying to kill me, but I am going to kill it!” There were TWO attempts on his life….this is debunking? And what does any list of similarities between Lincoln & JFK have to do with the subject at hand, except that both issued debt & interest free money, Greenbacks & the United States Note, respectively, and both were assassinated. This is the MOST PATHETIC “debunking” I’ve ever seen! If anything it’s proving there is something to that “story” & it’s circulating on more than just Facebook. Oh, the end is the best ** There is that pesky Booth letter though…yes, it connects Booth directly to ROTHSCHILD of London by Booth’s own handwritten admission….ridiculous.
        There is so much more pointing to the Fed as a killer and complying with JFK’s assassination, what about all the politicians that opposed the Fed who died? People who came up with alternative currency, dead? Do you even know what the Fed is?

  4. 1. The Federal Reserve banking system just didn’t have a name or system like today. But the international banking system was the baby that grew up to be, the power that be. See the international bankers offered him loans at 24-36% interest. Lincoln balked at their demands because he didn’t want to plunge the nation into such a huge debt. Lincoln approached Congress about passing a law to authorize the printing of U.S. Treasury Notes. Lincoln said “We gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they ever had – their own paper money to pay their debts…” Lincoln printed over 400 million “Greenbacks” (debt and interest-free)

    2. Andrew was a generation ahead of Lincoln, when he killed the national banks system, which would turn into the international banks, which turns into the federal banks.

    3. No evidence, that the Rothschilds sent him.if that’s what you mean “banks sent”
    Except Jackson knew who was behind it. “The banks are trying to kill me, but I will kill them” just like there’s no evidence the banks/Rothschilds started the war of 1812. Except you know when nate Rothschild said “Either the application for the renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war.” in 1811

    4. Why does it seem like you are not only a skeptic but are trying to make others skeptical too? Here’s a “few” I would like a skeptic to “explain”
    Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846
    – Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946
    – Lincoln was elected president in 1860
    – Kennedy was elected president in 1960
    -both have 7 letters in their name with the same consonant and vowels pattern.
    -after the assassinating both presidents were replaced by a Mr. Johnson
    -both which had a pug nose & slicked back hair
    -both 13 letters in their name
    -Andrew Johnson was born 1808
    -Lyndon Johnson was born 1908
    -both were shot on a Friday
    -both issued the printing of debt & interest free paper money.
    -both shot in the head sitting next to their wives, whom would hold their still breathing husbands head.
    -Lincoln was shot in the Ford theater, Kennedy in a Ford Lincoln
    -both killed by man known by first middle and last name, which both contained 13 letters in their names.
    -Lincoln’s shooter would run from a theater to a warehouse
    -Kennedys would run from a warehouse to a theater
    -Lincoln’s assassin was an actor
    -Kennedys assassin would be considered a fall guy, a patsy, that he acted as if he done it.
    -both shooters would be killed before their trial.

    5. the bank of the u.s. was the name of the fist feds, they only named it that way to deceive the public, it wasn’t our bank, it was the bankers bank which is what the federal reserve’s are in a way.

    However I did not know about the connection between Jackson & Lincoln.

      1. Snipes is not valid proof. They have been shown to mess up, have an agenda and even lie. Just like Wikipedia, it is a source but not a valid fact checking source.

        1. Taking Snopes as the final word would be silly, of course. Like Wikipedia, though, Snopes often links to the original reports or sources, which allow one to verify or debunk a story.

          1. THAT’S your defense of no evidence? Firstly, it has NOTHING to do with the Federal Reserve, Secondly, none of these are “coincidences” are shocking in themselves, they are only surprising when they are listed ALL TOGETHER, and thirdly, it’s full of misinformation & just plain wandering astray (it doesn’t have to do with the different or similar circumstances of the two men, just that they have a long list of things in common). That both had wives that lost children while serving doesn’t make it any less of a coincidence that Lincoln also lost a child while not in the White House….what is your reasoning there?
            Most importantly, it doesn’t address the question at hand, which is the Federal Reserve, something you clearly know nothing about, therefore you choose to say there is no evidence…if you knew anything about the Federal Reserve, how it came to exist in 1913, the fact it is not Constitutional under Article 1 Section 8, stating that only Congress can print money and decide it’s worth, etc. That it cannot be audited by law, it’s the only US Corporation that is not subject to federal or state taxation, & so on & so forth.
            That Lincoln produced debt & tax free “Greenbacks” & JFK “US Notes”… also debt & tax free and backed by gold & silver, (which we would not be in TRILLIONS of dollars of debt right now if that had been continued, due to the way the Fed does business, bet you don’t know that either) having the Treasury print them & put them into circulation cutting off the Fed….I don’t see you addressing any of those FACTS, just the “they were both shot in the head on a Friday” ones.
            Lack of information is not a good argument for “non-existent evidence”. Because you don’t have any information simply means you have never looked anything up, it doesn’t prove the information doesn’t exist.

            1. Yeah. Seriously what are you, some pro Rothschild, pro Zionist pro enslavement stooge who somehow doesn’t believe the .01% and Rothschild have been systematically taking over the world since Israel’s Mossad attacked us on 9/11?

              01% even admit they own 99% of the WORLDS wealth and RESOURCES a/o 2016 (along with both parties without a doubt at this point as well- bush and Clinton and Obama and bush ALL SHARED THE SAME CABINET APPOINTEES 99% without a SINGLE change) – whilst WE, the other billions and billions of us who comprise the remaining 99.999% of earths population ALL SPLIT BETWEEN OUR EAGERLY ENSLAVED SELVES THE REMAINING 1% of the left over wealth and resources they’ve yet to figure out a way to steal via grnocidal wars of aggression, the corruption of foreign governments and church officials etc, terror state false flag operations like Israels 9/11 attacks and illegal put option speculation on failing stocks, or other completely illegal immoral and equally psychotic means- which is the undeniable psychological diagnosis of these criminal Banksters and their illegal unconstitutional cabals… Rothdchild now literally owns the central banks in 99% of all countries – obviously anyone who still believes these people are helping to create jobs, will put cash back into the economy via ‘trickle down economics’ or are anything but completely corrupt sociopath gluttonous freaks and not completely psychotic – is truly deserving of their enslavement… Did you know that all of our media- as in movies, television, radio, newspapers, cable and network news, record industries, book publishing, magazines, and Nielsen Ratings Corp – etc- are ALL OWNED BY 5 companies with interlocking boards and directorships–& that 4 of these are owned by zionists – who aren’t even American citizens? Or that the Israelis own our telecom industries which means as far as national security (which they of course have had covered since even before 9/11 with “joint citizenship US/Israeli” traitors holding some of the most national security sensitive posts in our military and gov’t? These same people said we needed a new Pearl Harbor type event to galvanize American support of Israel against the Arab states – to make us willing to go to war on behalf of Israels security? Or that these same assholes quietly freed and deported the 200+ MossD and shin bet agents and explosive ordinance experts arrested in the week of 9/11 before and after the attacks? Or that some were driving vans full of explosives and video taped standing on the roof of their quad moving truck – dancing up and down and high fiving ea other and singing while taping the first plane disappearing into tower one- and that the truck upon which they just happened to have coincidentally parked with such an excellent view in advance of the attacks had a mural depicting a commercial jet liner disappearing into tower one with a huge fireball? The old lady who saw this and taped them taping the attacks called the NYPD who picked these assclowns up and discovered their curiously mural covered van was packed to the Gil’s with explosives? Did you know that another such group of self professed Israeli “art students” cum Mossad agents actually video taped photographed and web blogged themselves “doing art on the top floor of tower two- which was lent to them gratis by Lucky Larry Silverstein- the Zionist investor who bought the twin towers at a firesale deal due to their being filled with asbestos and requiring more work than their worth to remove the deadly materials- yet he bought it for only dollars down and then insured it for TRILLIONS against a terrorist attack involving commercial airliners? Or that he lent these curious and curiouser art students the top floor the week preceding the attacks who actually photographed and taped themselves stuffing It wall to wall with box after box with a serial number that can be traced on the web to prove that they are nuclear triggers and detonators manufactured by a capital venture CIA front PREVIOUSLY OWNED BY KELLOG A LONG TIME KNOWN CIA ASSET- since purchased by DARTH Cheney’s new CIA incarnation of the previous kellog Corp now owned by his conflict of interests windmill tilting Haliburton Corp? Still going to tell me there is no conspiracy of psychotic assholes to take over the country and world who triggered the 2008 stock crises as their grand parents had the 1930s one after illegally forcing thru the FED REZ ACT & UNCONSTITTIOMAL IRS ACT by doing so to an ususoecting American public wary of central banks which they agreed at Jekyll Island to accomplish by not calling it a private central bank but a federal reserve bank and by pretending they were all united in opposition to its creation so the public said well it must be good then if these asshole bankers are so upset and against it? Or that Woodrow Wilson later in the last days of his life lamented he had sold out his country to a shadowy group so vast and feared that he worried for the republics soul and survival and that he had unleashed an evil so great upon the nation it may not survive?? That men feared this group and were afraid to even mention it by name in a whisper lest they be killed?

              And do you know that lord Rothschild and next the queen own the controlling stock in the federal reserve?

              And do you still insist there is no cabal of psychopaths destroying our republic and its constitution and checks and balances?

              Even when the media itself is totally guilty of on going false flag attacks and covering them so as to completely mind control our brainwashed population into believing that isis and al Queda are not CIA and Mossad created armed and funded terrorist groups like the Israeli and patriot act Constitition banana neo feudal corporate state formerly known as America since 9/11 brought to us by project for a new American century and the Zionist mass media propaganda machine?


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