I have been a lifelong Republican. While I have voted for Democrats on the local and state levels, I cast my vote for Republican presidential candidates from 1996 on: Dole, Bush (2xs), McCain, and Romney. This year, I voted for Hillary Clinton. Why? Because I believe Donald Trump.

I believe Trump when he says that he will require all Muslims to register with the government.

I believe Trump when he says that he was able to “get away” with “inspecting” nude women and teenage girls competing in beauty pageants.

I believe Trump when he says that he wants his supporters to be violent and doesn’t condemn them when they follow through.

I believe Trump when he says that he thinks Mexicans who come to the U.S. are criminals, rapists, and drug dealers.

I believe Trump when he says that he doesn’t respect veterans, including deceased Purple Heart and Bronze Star awardee Humayun Khan and Vietnam War veteran and former Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

I believe Trump when he says that he can sexually assault women and get away with it because he’s a star.

I believe Trump when he says he will torture prisoners and kill their families.

I believe Trump when he says that he admires Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

I believe Trump when he said that he would only accept the election results if he won.

I believe Trump when he said that he believes the president of the United States founded ISIS and wasn’t a U.S. citizen.

I believe Trump when he doesn’t condemn the racism among his supporters.

I believe Trump when he says that he doesn’t support the freedom of the press encapsulated in the First Amendment.

I believe Trump when he empowers conspiracy theorists such as Roger Stone and Alex Jones.

I believe that Trump the presidential candidate meant what he said (and what he didn’t say), and there’s no reason to think that President-elect Trump will pivot once he’s in office.

[Note: This piece helped me crystallize my feelings about Trump.]

26 thoughts on “I Believe Donald Trump

  1. I had so wanted to see Hillary as our first woman President but after the email scandals my conscience would not let me vote for her! My son is military and and if would have handled ONE piece of classified information like she did, he would have been court marshaled! Not to mention her claim of supporting children while saying it is ok to abort a baby up until it’s time for it to be born! In my opinion, that’s murder! And don’t even get me started on Obamacare! Her presidency would have been the status “quo” and I don’t think most of us can withstand four more years of high premiums and outrageous drug prices! She had thirty years in public life and I think it is time for new ideas and new faces. I hope everyone can give President-elect Trump a chance and make our America better for ALL people!

  2. I heard someone say today that Trump’s supporters take him “seriously but not literally” because otherwise they’d be a lot more worried and opposed to the things he says he will do.

    I think it’s going to come as a shock to his supporters when they realize that he’s actually the most liberal candidate yet on some issues and the most right-wing fascist on others.

  3. This is a fantastic post. There is such a difference between “the media is out to get him” and actual facts and evidence. Do you mind if I share this?

  4. I believe Hillary Clinton — like hell I do! Apparently you have the judgment of what’s better for the USA and all of us who live and work here. Your utterly stupid statements were totally repudiated with the results of the election. With all his faults, Trump is a human being. That’s more than anyone can say for ice-cold, psychopath Hillary. She doesn’t give one lousy damn for you, me, or anyone other than herself. All she wants is the power to impose her hateful visions on all with opposing views.

      1. It is obvious to me that you opposed Trump and most likely voted for Hillary. Apparent to me is the idea that you are unable to separate the bombast and bluster of politics from reality.

        Both Hillary and Donald said many things that neither meant. It remains to be seen what Trump will do. I believe him when he claims to be master of the Art of the Deal. I think he is a pragmatist who will be greatly influenced by his advisors. I think he is NOT a nitpicker, control-freak who micromanages everything. Just the evidence of the way he operates his business shows that he sets the tome, establishes the meme and he DELEGATES, leaving the details to his surrogates and judging them by an evaluation of their performance.

        You “progressives” IMHO lack the ability to perform logical thought and act overwhelmingly out of your emotional (non-thinking) response, then spend your the rest of your time trying to make up silly excuses for what you have proposed.

        Grow up.

        1. You’re right–I said that I voted for Clinton in the first paragraph.

          To be clear–are you saying that Trump WON’T do everything that he said he would do? If so, there are going to be a lot of unhappy voters.

          1. You are correct. I am saying that I think Trump will NOT do everything he said he would do.

            Only the naive believe every single syllable of political speech.

            Politics IMHO is 99.99% words. Words have different meanings and interpretations. As we grow older, most of us realize that politicians dont REALLY mean what they say. They spout off with what they think will get them votes AT THE TIME THEY SAY IT!

            IMHO the only politician who actually kept his words [on a broad scale of interpretation] is BHObama when he famously said: “My goal is the fundamental transformation of America.”

            He has succeeded to a great degree. His actions and demeanor have resulted in America’s having the greatest divisions in history. Race relations went from tolerable to tragic. The economy went from lousy to “tanked.” Foreign relations went from somewhat respected to laughingstock. Our military went from first rate to fifth or sixth rate. He purged all the military leaders who showed the slightest sign of standing up to him.

            I could go on and on, but the facts remain, he regime has a strong start in the “fundamental transformation of America” to a banana-republic status.

            In addition, I think he is a committed Islamist (Muslim). I have read most of the “Noble Qur’an” and my understanding is that it DEMANDS that Muslims bring all “infidels” to heel. If they don’t submit, then it is correct to slay them. Beheading is the preferred method. Islam is NOT a religion. It is a call to world domination and restoration of the Caliphate, ultimately over all the world. BHObama has “bet over backwards” to absolve the muslims of any faults or bad conduct.

            Wake and perceive the real world that surrounds you.

              1. What in the world do you thin Hillary was doing to you? She is a proven consummate liar of the top degree.

                She is also a tremendously accomplished actress. She, like almost every Democrat I have known, can look you straight in the eye and blatantly lie without blinking or feeling the slightest tinge of remorse. That’s what Democrats do. That’s what collectivist do. That what socialist do. That’s what communitarians do. That’s what communists do. That’s what mercantilists do. That’s what oligarchs do. That’s what psychopaths and sociopaths do. That’s what control-freaks do. In fact. anyone who wants to use FORCE to make other people do their bidding fits all the previous definitions.

                If you believe Hillary, the either you are naive, ignorant, unobservant, stupidly-unintelligent, or a psychopathic sociopath. Take your choice.

                Not ONE of my family, friends, associates, allies, etc. wants to use FORCE to make other people conform to their ideas of proper human behavior.

                Apparently you and yours want to use force with abandon. That’s the truth of it whether or not you are intelligent enough to recognize it.

                CollectivistS of every stripe advocates the use of EXTERNALLY-IMPOSED COERCIVE GOVERNMENT.

                Think about it. Do you really want to use the FORCE of government to achieve your goals in life?

                  1. I thought the idea was to attempt to discern reasons for the choice of for whom to vote.

                    Both told “lies” [as you categorize them.] IMHO Hillary’s lies are well documented, many as “policy”.

                    Trump’s “lies”, although “documented” as recordings ARE NOT POLICY YET [IF EVER.]

                    One is forced to wait and see what he will actually do. His “lies” are purely “campaign rhetoric”.

                    As example of campaign rhetoric, just watch BHObama’s “sit-downs” with Donald at the White House and compare with BHObama’s tirades against Trump over the last few days before the election.

                    Are you that naive? Must be.

      2. Mark- Unfortunately, you are experiencing a rift in the space-time continuum and finding out what it was like to try to have a discussion about the impact and future of slavery with a fire-eater after the Compromise of 1850.

      1. Jimmy-It’s generally a good idea to read a post and not just the title before you blow your top. Even the title says he BELIEVES Donald Trump. It doesn’t say Mark VOTED for him. In the text of the post, he says that, even though he’s a lifelong Republican, he voted for HILLARY CLINTON precisely because he BELIEVES what Donald Trump says and lists the Trump statements that caused him to vote for Clinton.

        I only wish there had been more people like Mark at the polls on November 8. Personally, I voted FOR Clinton but I did and still do regard the stakes in this election to be more extreme than in any other election of my lifetime. This election, voters put into office a totally inexperienced demagogue. Heck, I’d rather have the reincarnation of Richard Nixon back in office than Trump. At least Nixon knew the structure and realities of both the federal government and international relations.

        1. That was not a response to Mark. It was a response to those who voted for Trump. They voted for white supremacy, sexism, and bigotry. If they think they are Christian, they are mistaken. They are hypocrites instead.

          I don’t know why it looks like I was directing that to Mark. I agree with him.

          1. Jimmy, I’m sorry I misunderstood your post. I certainly agree with you. If I could, I would say to those who voted for Trump and protest that they didn’t do so for racist motives, it doesn’t matter WHY you did it. You elected a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, islamophobic, anti-semitic (except for an immediate family) fool who knows less about how the US government works than a first grader and less about international relations than. A nursery school student. You can’t just put the portion you like into office.

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