Interviews/Other Media





Author Discussion on Andrew Jackson,” Southern Festival of Books, C-SPAN, Nashville, Tenn. (October 2018)

Q&A interview, C-SPAN, Washington, D.C. (April 2017)

Andrew Jackson, Southerner,” Books & Beyond Series, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (May 2015)

Reassessing President Andrew Jackson,” Organization of American Historians, Washington, D.C. (April 2010)

Audio Interviews

Talking History (May 2012)

New Books in American Studies (November 2013)

The Brad Bogner Show (December 2013)

Ben Franklin’s World (June 2015)

Presidential [Washington Post] (February 2016)

The Age of Jackson Podcast (January 2018)

Print Interviews

“Cleveland native writes compelling new bio on Andrew Jackson,” Cleveland Daily Banner (15 September 2013)

Cumberland professor releases book on Jackson,” Lebanon Democrat (24 October 2013)

“Book takes fresh look at Andrew Jackson,” Nashville Tennessean (20 November 2013)

Other Media

‘Do what Andrew Jackson did’: Steve Bannon’s Bad Advice for Donald Trump,” Washington Post (19 September 2018)

Donald Trump Is Not a Twenty-First Century Andrew Jackson.” The American Historian 11 (February 2017): 17-21.

Currency Should Reflect America’s Imperfect History,” Nashville Tennessean (24 May 2016)

1828, Andrew Jackson Defeats John Quincy Adams: The Two-Party System,” Constituting America (10 March 2016)

Martin Van Buren: The Force Behind the Trail of Tears,” Indian Country Today Media Network (23 February 2016)

Martin Van Buren Helped Create Modern Two-Party System,” Nashville Tennessean (13 February 2016)

The Immortal Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans,” We’re History (7 January 2015)

Frontiersman or Southern Gentleman? Newspaper Coverage of Andrew Jackson during the 1828 Presidential Campaign,” Readex Blog (September 2014)

An Interview with Mark Cheathem, Author of Andrew Jackson, Southerner,” The Anxious Bench (August 2014)

“Q & A with Cumberland University Professor Mark Cheathem,” American Talleyrand (January 2014)

Andrew Jackson: Symbol of a Southern Age,” History News Network (December 2013)

President Andrew Jackson’s Rise from the Waxhaws,” Appalachian History (November 2013)

In Praise of Librarians and Archivists: Appreciating the Colleagues Who Make Professors’ Jobs Easier,” Readex Blog (November 2011)

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