I am a professor of history at Cumberland University, located 30 miles east of Nashville. This blog generally focuses on the Early Republic period, defined by the Society for Historians of the Early Republic (SHEAR) as encompassing the years 1776-1861. Most of the posts center on Andrew Jackson and Jacksonian politics, my primary research interests, but I also address other topics, including teaching, writing, the Civil War, southern history, and the history of conspiracy theories.

If you’re interested in what motivated me to begin blogging, click here.

Mark R. Cheathem

Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored by Cumberland University, and the opinions and views expressed in my postings and comments do not necessarily reflect those of the university and its administration, faculty, students, or staff.

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. sarah calloway said:

    I have a gold coin/token(?) with a bust of Andrew Jackson on one side and on the reverse it says 2nd inauguration, Andrew Jackson president of united states 1833. (+/- a few words/spelling). Do you know what I have? And, does it have any monetary or historical significance? I have had it about 50 years and got it from my grandmother.

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