Wrapping Up the 2010 Southern Historical Association Conference

I wanted to give a rundown of the Sunday morning session that I attended, as well as summarize my experience at this year’s Southern. After visiting the book exhibit to score some deeply discounted books, I wandered over to the panel on antebellum southern politics. Ron Formisano presided, while he and Michael F. Holt, one ofContinue reading “Wrapping Up the 2010 Southern Historical Association Conference”

The Current and Future State of Publishing in Southern History

The morning session that I attended was on the current state and future of publishing southern history. Stephen Wrinn of the University Press of Kentucky filled in for the absent chair, Lawrence Malley. Chuck Grench (UNC Press), Susan Ferber (Oxford Univ. Press), Joyce Seltzer (Harvard Univ. Press), and my own editor, Rand Dotson (LSU Press),Continue reading “The Current and Future State of Publishing in Southern History”

The State of Southern History

Attending the afternoon session on the state of the field of southern history was well worth the trip here. Some caveats about this summary: The references to scholarly works were voluminous, and capturing the many references was impossible in most cases. Sheldon Hackney, the chair of the session, was a no-show, but Philip D. Morgan,Continue reading “The State of Southern History”

Slavery and Territorial Expansion

It was an inauspicious start to my first venture in live tweeting. The wireless signal on the second floor of the Westin is low, and my battery life went from 2 hours to 2 minutes in just a few seconds. Apparently, eight-year-old laptop batteries aren’t what they used to be. With electrical outlets a scarceContinue reading “Slavery and Territorial Expansion”

Blogging and Tweeting from the Southern

I’ll be at the Southern in Charlotte from Thursday-Sunday. I plan to blog/tweet as much as I can on Friday and Saturday. Unless attendees reach consensus on another hashtag, I’ll be using #sha2010 to organize my tweets. (Interestingly enough, that hashtag was also used for the Singapore Hit Awards.)