The Hermitage’s Podcast Series: An Interview with Andrew Jackson VI

The March podcast from The Hermitage is an interview with Andrew Jackson VI. From meeting him on a couple of occasions, my impression of Judge Jackson is that he is a very friendly man who doesn't sugarcoat Jackson's faults. He also has a good sense of humor.

Exhibit A: Why Studying History Is Important

Ed. note: In yesterday's blog post, Michael Lynch has reaction to the online comments about my TSLA opinion piece. I usually ignore the anonymous online comments left on websites, but Monday's Tennessean opinion piece on slavery at The Hermitage offers an illustration of why reading and studying history is so important. Sample comments (as originally …

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The Hermitage: A Near Miss

I was very surprised to see a local news report last week that The Hermitage has been in serious financial trouble over the past year. The economic recession, combined with the Middle Tennessee flooding of last May, not only cut into attendance but also destroyed the climate control system used to keep the house and its …

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The Hermitage’s Podcast Series: The Tennessee Constitutional Convention of 1796

The Hermitage has posted its newest podcast, "The Tennessee Constitutional Convention of 1796": In February 1796, deliberations wrapped up on Tennessee's first Constitutional Convention (which would be signed by President Washington on June 1). Tennessee State Librarian and Archivist Charles Sherrill talks about the nuances of the first Tennessee Constitution.

The Hermitage’s Podcast Series: Nashville, 1788

The Hermitage's October podcast, "Nashville: 1788," features Myers Brown, Curator of History & Extension Services at the Tennessee State Museum. He discusses what Nashville would have looked like when Andrew Jackson first arrived on the Middle Tennessee frontier.

The Hermitage’s Podcast Series: “The Battle of Hanging Rock”

The Hermitage premiered its podcast series this month. The first installment focuses on the 1780 Battle of Hanging Rock. Dr. Jane Landers of Vanderbilt University and Dr. Walter Edgar of the University of South Carolina are the two historians interviewed for this installment. I applaud The Hermitage for employing this type of medium to further …

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Summer 2010 Research

I, along with several other Cumberland faculty, had the privilege of receiving a university summer research grant. My grant proposal outlined a plan to look at Andrew Jackson's slave communities in Tennessee and Mississippi, particularly post-presidency. This research plan was intended to help me complete a biography, due next summer, that examines Jackson's southern identity. …

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