Did the Rothschild Family Try To Kill Andrew Jackson?

Xaviant Haze’s The Suppressed History of American Banking: How Big Banks Fought Jackson, Killed Lincoln, and Caused the Civil War is one of the strangest books I’ve ever read. The main argument is that the Rothschild banking family caused the War of 1812 to make money from it, fought Andrew Jackson to preserve the SecondContinue reading “Did the Rothschild Family Try To Kill Andrew Jackson?”

This Tariff Debate Is So Taxing!

I came across a Twitter conversation today that drew my attention. The topic was the role of tariffs as a cause of the southern states’ secession in 1860-61, which appears to have been prompted by this blog post. I won’t wade into the morass of opinions exchanged on Twitter, but I do want to addressContinue reading “This Tariff Debate Is So Taxing!”