After a couple of weeks of posting, and with the realization that the semester will leave less time for coming up with brilliant and interesting topics, I’ve decided to go to a three-times-a-week posting schedule. There may be weeks when I post more often, but I will do my best to post, at a minimum, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Also, I wanted to acknowledge a couple of individuals. Darrell Dow recommended that I replace my atrocious (my word, not his) original header with the current one, which he created. He also made some other suggestions about ways to increase traffic. I also want to thank my colleague at Cumberland, Dr. Sarah Pierce, with whom I had an encouraging talk during a summer registration session. Her enthusiasm for her own blog and Twitter account convinced me to take the idea for this blog, which I had been contemplating for several months, and make it happen. Neither of them are responsible for any of the blog’s shortcomings, of course; I was able to make those happen all on my own.

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