Somewhat belatedly on my part, here is what’s in the latest issue of the JER:


Philippe R. Girard, “Trading Races: Joseph and Marie Bunel, a Diplomat and a Merchant in Revolutionary Saint-Domingue and Philadelphia.”

Brian Rouleau, “Maritime Destiny as Manifest Destiny: American Commercial Expansionism and the Idea of the Indian.”

Brian Connolly, “‘Every Family Become a School of Abominable Impurity’: Incest and Theology in the Early Republic.”

Robert M. Peck and Eric P. Newman, “Discovered! The First Engraving of an Audubon Bird.”


Sixteen books reviewed by eight scholars: Samuel Watson, David J. Voelker, Andrew Shankman, Rodney Hessinger, Ryan McIlhenny, David Pennington, Joseph F. Stoltz III, and W. Michael Ashcraft.

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