The Posterity Project

One of the great things about blogging and Tweeting the past few months has been uncovering resources that I never would have encountered otherwise. One such resource is Gordon Belt’s blog, The Posterity Project. I’ve never met Mr. Belt in person, but I have enjoyed reading his blog, which focuses on Tennessee history and archival topics.

Although The Posterity Project covers all of Tennessee history, Early Republic historians will still find it useful. Recent posts have touched on the Battle of Kings Mountain and the generational identity of John Sevier and William Blount. I encourage you to drop by and give him a read.

4 thoughts on “The Posterity Project

  1. Wow! Thanks for that glowing review, Mark. I’m humbled and honored. Likewise, I discovered your blog some time ago and have been an avid reader ever since. Hopefully, our paths will cross in the near future so that I can thank you in person.

    All the best,

    – Gordon Belt

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