I’m looking for copies of the two-volume Papers of Chief John Ross, edited by Gary Moulton. I’ve tried the normal websites and even asked our library staff to check with our vendors to see if it is for sale, but no luck.

So, if you have copies that you would like to sell, have a great local bookstore that might have copies, or come across copies for sale, please let me know. I won’t pay a king’s ransom for them, but I’m interested in purchasing both volumes.

One other note: I won’t be posting next week (March 7-11) due to spring break.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Papers of Cherokee Chief John Ross

  1. The Papers of Chief John Ross are available online, although I don’t know the cost to the university for their access. I use them through our university catalog, and actually prefer to read them online because they are so easy to search.

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