I made it to Philadelphia yesterday, but only by a whisker. Lines at Nashville International were packed; in fact, I’ve never seen an airport so busy during a non-holiday period. Thankfully, I made it on my direct flight on time.

A pesky headache and plugged-up ears from the flight kept me from attending the plenary session and reception, but I did meet Nan Morgan and Jon Cryder from Temple. I also ran into Dan Feller on Chestnut St., where we swapped war stories briefly.

After a scintillating breakfast with Jim Broussard, at which we discussed presidential politics and research projects, I stopped by the book exhibit. Nan Morgan and I discussed her research on the connection between nullification and Indian removal. The two of us, along with Jon Crider and Gretchen Adams, also discussed blogging, Twitter, and H-Net.

Then I headed off to my first session on fugitive slaves.

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