Which do you prefer?

Just to make sure we’re on the same page (pun intended), footnotes are citations at the bottom of pages; chapter endnotes are citations at the end of each chapter; and book endnotes are citations compiled at the end of the book, usually prior to the bibliography.

Personally, I love footnotes. Being able to glance down at the bottom of the page I’m reading to check a source or read an explanation for an argument is convenient.

I’m not particularly fond of either type of endnotes. The one advantage of chapter endnotes over book endnotes is that they are easier when it comes to photocopying–you don’t have to photocopy a chapter, then flip to the end of the book to find the relevant pages in the book endnotes.

Publishers seem to be moving toward book endnotes. I’m not sure if book endnotes are easier to handle in terms of production or if they make the book shorter and thus cheaper in price. Maybe someone in the industry can enlighten me.

Poll result update (27 April 2012): Footnotes, 20 votes; chapter endnotes, 2; book endnotes, 0.