A week ago Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Jackson Donelson’s great-grandson, Lewis (Lewie) Randolph Donelson III. Donelson practices out of the prominent Baker Donelson law firm in Memphis. He has also been active in state politics as a member of the Republican party.

I went to Donelson’s book signing at The Hermitage with a little trepidation. I wasn’t sure how he would react once I introduced myself as the historian who had written his great-grandfather’s biography. (Lewie’s grandfather was Lewis Randolph Donelson, Sr., born in 1855 to Andrew Jackson Donelson and his second wife, Elizabeth.) Thankfully, he was very gracious and complimented me on the book. He also said that it was an honor having me spend part of my Saturday visiting with him for a few minutes.

Donelson’s autobiography, Lewie, doesn’t seem to be available for sale online yet, but The Hermitage Museum Bookstore may still have copies on hand.

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