As many of you know, historian Bertram Wyatt-Brown passed away this past Monday.

Bert was editor of LSU Press’ Southern Biography Series when I submitted my revised dissertation as a book proposal. He was responsible for the title (Old Hickory’s Nephew), and his advice about the manuscript made it immeasurably better. I also know from his former Ph.D. students how valuable his mentorship was to them.

If you recall, I recently blogged about the BrANCH panel that focused in large part on Wyatt-Brown’s Southern Honor. That discussion and the memories of Bert that panelists and audience members shared seem even more poignant now.

For more on Bert’s perspective on his life and career, read his 2011 blog posting here and this HNN piece. I also recommend reading his essay in John Boles’ Shapers of Southern History.

For tributes, see Randall Stephens’s piece, and remembrances in the Baltimore Sun and the University of Florida’s history department website.

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