Members of The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History plan to begin posting on December 10 (Updated: The blog’s first post). Their focus appears to be appealing both to general and academic audiences on early American history topics, although the definition of “early America” seems vague, perhaps purposely.

Contributors, many of whom are twitterstorians and bloggers, include:

  • Benjamin Park, University of Cambridge
  • Michael D. Hattem, Yale University
  • Rachel Herrmann, University of Texas-Austin
  • Jonathan W. Wilson, Syracuse University
  • Michael A. Blaakman, Yale University
  • Christopher Jones, College of William and Mary
  • Kenneth Owen, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Springfield
  • Tom Cutterham, University of Oxford
  • Alyssa Reichardt, Yale University
  • Roy Rogers, CUNY Graduate Center
  • Katy Lasdow, Columbia University
  • Glenda Goodman, Harvard University
  • Joseph Adelman, Visiting Assistant Professor, Framingham State University
  • Seth Perry, University of Chicago
  • Sara Georgini, Boston University
  • Eric Herschthal, Columbia University
  • Matt Karp, University of Pennsylvania
  • Mandy Izadi, University of Oxford

The blog also includes links to relevant historical organizations and journals, conferencescalls for papers, and fellowships, as well as a list of books on early America published since 2006.

I think this blog is a great idea, and I wish them all the best.

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