With Andrew Jackson, Southerner now available for sale, I am looking for speaking opportunities. A historical individual such as Jackson provides a number of different angles that I can take in a talk, so I’ve listed those topics (and others) that I feel comfortable speaking about below. You’ll also find a list of my recent and upcoming talks here.

If you want to schedule a talk,  please contact me at jacksonianamerica (at) gmail.com.

Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson and the Origins of the Modern Presidency
Andrew Jackson, Slave Master
Andrew Jackson: Southerner or Westerner?
The Great Father vs. Sharp Knife: Andrew Jackson and the Indians
How a Sexual Scandal Almost Destroyed Andrew Jackson’s Presidency
The Leadership Lessons of Andrew Jackson (especially appropriate for business or leadership groups)
The Many Branches of Old Hickory’s Family Tree

Andrew Jackson’s Slave Communities
Alfred, Grace, and Hannah: The Contested Slave Memory of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson Donelson
A Moderate Southerner and the Civil War: The Experience of Andrew Jackson Donelson

George Washington Gordon
Confederate General George Washington Gordon and the Memory of the Confederacy
Confederate General George Washington Gordon and the Ku Klux Klan

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