This year’s conference was a good one. I had the pleasure of catching up with some of my favorite Mississippi State friends, including John and Jeanne Marszalek,  Connie Lester, Tim Smith, and Jim Humphreys, as well as several friends and acquaintances at the MSU reception on Saturday night. I also had lunch with loyal blog reader Boyd Murphree. We had a great conversation about a number of professional and personal topics. I appreciate him asking to meet me (and buying a book!).

Marszalek Dinner_SHA 2013
L-R: Jeannie Whayne, Tim Smith, Connie Lester, Mark Cheathem, John Marszalek, Jeanne Marszalek, and Dan Feller

One other conversation also made me smile. One of my former students is now in graduate school. This student’s current supervisor recognized my name and gave very positive feedback on her/his progress so far. As someone whose students often graduate and disappear, never to be heard from again, it’s always good to bask in the glow of an alum’s success.

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