The controversy over Confederate monuments has come to Lebanon, Tennessee. Someone in a local newspaper suggested removing the statue of Confederate general Robert Hatton, which sits in the middle of the town square. You can read my entire post about the controversy at the CU history blog.

Reading the comments section of the article is fascinating in what it reveals about historical ignorance, the politicization of history, and racial division.

3 thoughts on “Removing a Local Confederate Monument

  1. You are so right that there is a lot of historical ignorance concerning the reasons for the civil war. But then, history is written by those who win. They tailor the story to their agenda. I have always thought that the issues surrounding the slaves was the beginning of the federal government ignoring the constitution. When you look back now on all the abuse, you realize that the constitution is just another piece of paper in a museum that gets some lip service whenever it seems to be convenient. The original meaning has been totally lost. As they like to say, it is a “living document”. All that means is that it isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

    1. The people that decided secession was a good idea were ignoring the Constitution too, but over time quite a few people have tried to convince others that what they did was right.
      It seems that when the government doesn’t do what someone wants, they tend to say the government is not following the Constitution. That dates back to the 1st Congress.

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