The Little Magician Needs You!

I am thrilled beyond words to announce that the first 80 documents from the Papers of Martin Van Buren project are now freely available. Read the entire press release, then visit the PMVB site to explore the documents.

This project has gained tremendous momentum in the past couple of months. Our May fundraiser raised almost $1,000, and we received nearly $61,000 in funding from the NHPRC in June.

While these sources of funding will help, the project still relies largely on student workers and unpaid volunteers.  The more funding that we receive, the more expeditiously we can progress in making the remaining 13,000 documents available. If you want to help the project financially, please visit Cumberland University’s Office of Advancement page to see the ways you can contribute. If you do see fit to give, please make sure to designate your tax-deductible donation to “Van Buren Papers.”

The Little Magician thanks you in advance (and he promises not to buy himself a fancy carriage with your money!).

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