After a longer span of time than expected, The Coming of Democracy: Presidential Campaigning in the Age of Jackson is finally in production. Copy-edits are in, and I’m awaiting page proofs.

You may remember that back in August, I asked you to help choose the book cover. Turns out, the folks at Johns Hopkins Univ. Press had other (and better) ideas. After submitting my preferences, shaped by your suggestions, I found out that JHUP was going in a different direction.

They chose this image*, which resulted in the cover you see in the post. I’m thrilled with what the JHUP creative team came up with. It catches the eye, which is what a cover is supposed to do. Who isn’t going to want to crack open a book with a drunk Martin Van Buren on the front?

As the book nears publication, I will be back with a giveaway contest and with upcoming speaking dates.

* I asked if JHUP could recreate the pull-tab effect, but there was mention of copies costing hundreds of dollars and  “academic prima donnas” not staying in their lane. (Actually, I made up this entire paragraph . . . except for the part about me asking for the pull-tab. You know you would have done the same, so don’t judge me!)

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