Now that The Coming of Democracy is in hand, here’s your chance to win a signed paperback copy.*

You can win in two ways:

1. Like the Jacksonian America Facebook page, and share the post about this contest on your personal timeline.

2. Retweet the Twitter announcement of this contest.

I will award one book for Facebook participants and one for Twitter participants. Winners will be announced on Aug. 8.

If you don’t win (or if you don’t want to wait!), you can purchase copies of the book, scheduled to be published in early August, on the Johns Hopkins Univ. Press website.

As always, Cheathem family members are prohibited from winning.

*I’m also willing to send the winner(s) a signed hardback copy, but note that the hardbacks don’t have a dust jacket, so you won’t have that cool Van Buren image sitting on your shelf.

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