In 2019, I reviewed A Stranger Here Below by Charles Fergus, the first entry in his Gideon Stoltz Historical Mysteries series. The sequel, entitled Nighthawk’s Wing, came out last year. In this book, Stoltz investigates the murder of a woman accused of witchcraft. Fergus keeps the reader guessing as to the guilty party, and his writing, which was already good, is crisper than in A Stranger Here Below.

That being said, I didn’t connect as much to this story, partly because of the absence of broader historical context, which was why I initially became interested in the series. The supernatural themes in the book also did not appeal to me. Both of these points may just be my personal preference, however. If you like good historical mysteries, or even just mysteries, I think you will enjoy the latest installment of the Gideon Stoltz series.

(Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)


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