Mitt Romney and the White Horse Prophecy

Recently, I invited three LDS missionaries to speak to my American Presidency students. Considering the possible "Mormon moment" that might arise from a Romney campaign win, I thought it made sense to hear the church's perspective. The three young men, who took time from their personal day to make the visit, were polite and gracious, … Continue reading Mitt Romney and the White Horse Prophecy

The Road Not Taken

I'm comfortable identifying myself as a Jacksonian historian, even a Jacksonian political historian. But there are times when I think about the other fields of history I considered pursuing.* The first field would have been religious history. Two research areas in particular interested me. One is the history of the LDS Church, or Mormonism, as … Continue reading The Road Not Taken

Definitive Edition of Joseph Smith Papers?

If I were looking for a published edition of Joseph Smith's papers, which edition should I choose? Any assistance that readers could give me would be greatly appreciated. Some background: Last weekend, I was looking to identify published editions of the Joseph Smith papers for library acquisition and discovered that there is an older edition … Continue reading Definitive Edition of Joseph Smith Papers?