THS 2012: Popularizing Digital History

At last week's THS conference, I also attended the roundtable, “The Perils and Promises of Popular History in a Digital Age.” Yoni Appelbaum, Chris Cantwell, John Fea, and Elizabeth Pardoe each addressed a different aspect of digital history. Appelbaum, a Ph.D. candidate at Brandeis who also writes for The Atlantic, proposed that digital essays* (much …

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More on Historians and Online Sources

The recent H-SHEAR exchange about online sources, which I blogged about previously, has prompted other related discussions. On H-CivWar, a review of Edward Sebesta and James Loewen's The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader prompted Peter Knupfer, H-Net guru extraordinaire, to question the lack of online resources in document readers. His post elicited a response from Sebesta …

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