SHEAR and the Future of Social Media

As announced in the May 2012  Journal of Southern History, the Southern Historical Association and H-South are working together to formalize what SHEARTites have been advocating since last year’s conference (discussed here and here): an initiative that recognizes and embraces advances in technology, including the use of social media. In March, I mentioned that H-Net was implementing aContinue reading “SHEAR and the Future of Social Media”

The Death of H-Tennessee

On Tuesday, H-Net Associate Director Heather Hawley sent H-Tennessee subscribers the following message: I am writing to you to ask that you help us determine the fate of H-Tennessee.  You are well aware that the list has not posted since November 2010.  The list editors, labored faithfully to develop the network’s potential, and feel that there isContinue reading “The Death of H-Tennessee”