Yay, Adams! Boo, Jackson!

Tony Petersen, editor-in-chief of the CSU Fresno Collegian, has given his opinion on some of the best and worst U.S. presidents. Petersen's favorite president is John Adams, who had a distinguished pre-presidential career but wasn't so great as chief executive, if you ask me. The XYZ Affair, the Quasi-War with France, and the Alien and … Continue reading Yay, Adams! Boo, Jackson!

Commemorating Liberty and Slavery in Philadelphia

Yesterday, the New York Times ran reviewed the new exhibit, “The President’s House: Freedom and Slavery in the Making of a New Nation,” which opens today. The exhibit treats the Philadelphia house where George Washington and John Adams lived as presidents during the 1790s. (The U.S. had several capital cities in its early years before … Continue reading Commemorating Liberty and Slavery in Philadelphia

If You Think the 2010 Political Season Was Nasty . . .

Be glad you didn't live during the presidential campaign of 1800: