MOOCs and the History Classroom

One of my favorite bloggers, Jonathan Rees, has been hammering the MOOC (massive open online course) that he enrolled in. Led by Princeton University history professor Jeremy Adelman, the MOOC is offered by Coursera, one of the leading companies pushing for free courses that are open to anyone. Rees is an outspoken critic of onlineContinue reading “MOOCs and the History Classroom”

A Necessary Source on Education Reform

If you aren’t following Jonathan Rees at More or Less Bunk, you’re missing out. Rees consistently provides thought-provoking posts on the dangers confronting higher education. He tends to focus on issues involving online education and technology. For example, he recently critiqued e-books and the “scaling” of education. If you care about the future of higherContinue reading “A Necessary Source on Education Reform”