Confronting Classism and Racism in Contemporary America: Two Recent Examples

Two conversations have taken place in the past 24 hours that reveal two different approaches to class and race in the United States. The first was Bethanie H. Tucker’s talk at the Wisconsin Technical College System Conference. Granted, I am relying on Sara Goldrick-Rab’s Storified timeline, which captures her tweets about the talk, but the sentiment of Tucker’sContinue reading “Confronting Classism and Racism in Contemporary America: Two Recent Examples”

Marketing the KKK to Children

Andrew Pendergraft is the grandson of Thomas Robb, the modern-day Ku Klux Klan’s national director. As a young boy with floppy blond hair and a slight speech impediment, Pendergraft hosted a number of short episodes of his very own amateur talk show, “The Andrew Show,” which presents the Klan’s ideology in a format aimed atContinue reading “Marketing the KKK to Children”

My Journey to Studying History

I am teaching our department’s historical methods course this semester. One of the questions that I asked the students was why they chose to study history. Answers ranged from “I chose it by default” to “I’ve always loved reading and writing, so history was a natural fit.” I shared with them my reason for majoring inContinue reading “My Journey to Studying History”

Huck Finn and Censorship

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know that a censored edition of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is being published. This proposed edition will eliminate the word “nigger,” “Injun,” and “half-breed,” replacing them with “slave,” “Indian,” and “half-blood.” These changes have produced much discussion in the blogosphere, including a thoughtful post by a former student ofContinue reading “Huck Finn and Censorship”