2011 Tennessee Conference of Historians

Tennessee Conference of Historians Annual Meeting Call for Papers and Panels ————————– The Tennessee Conference of Historians gathers for its 2011 meeting Thursday, September 1 through Saturday, September 3, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The meeting offers the historians of Tennessee an opportunity to meet and to share current research and to discuss issues of interest. TheContinue reading “2011 Tennessee Conference of Historians”

2010 Tennessee Conference of Historians Recap

It doesn’t seem appropriate to duplicate the conference recap here in this blog, but I wanted to add a thought or two. The panel that I was on focused on John Catron¬†and Andrew Jackson. Surprisingly, no historian has written a biography of Catron, despite being a member of the United States Supreme Court. (Add himContinue reading “2010 Tennessee Conference of Historians Recap”

2010 Tennessee Conference of Historians

The 2010 Tennessee Conference of Historians will meet on the campus of Cumberland University on 10-11 September 2010. This year’s keynote speaker will be Dr. Caroline Janney, Associate Professor of History at Purdue University. An OAH¬†Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Janney is the author of Burying the Dead but Not the Past: Ladies’ Memorial Associations and theContinue reading “2010 Tennessee Conference of Historians”