It’s Official–I Have a New Career Path!

I’ve held a number of jobs during my life: retail clerk, grocery clerk, potato chip vendor, land survey company flunky extraordinaire, and historical interpreter. I’ve also taught history at four different universities. In his new book Superior Storm, Tom Hilpert, author and friend, has given me a new potential career path: Dr. Mark Cheathem tookContinue reading “It’s Official–I Have a New Career Path!”

League of Literary Gentlemen

Last fall, my friend, Tom Hilpert, established a writers’ group that he dubbed “The League of Literary Gentlemen.” Originally, the group was composed of Tom, Rob, who is another¬†local writer who¬†also publishes and writes history, and me. This past spring, Rob had to drop out, so we added Michael Kosser, one of my colleagues atContinue reading “League of Literary Gentlemen”