A friend sent me news of this play a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, its run has ended.

Here is the description of the play:

BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON, an audacious mix of historical fact and fiction, redefines America’s controversial seventh president — the man who invented the Democratic Party, drove the Indians west, and ultimately doubled the size of our nation — with a raucous blend of outrageous comedy, anarchic theatricality and an infectious emo rock score.

This interview’s title, “Emo President and Cutter,” says it all:

The interview below left me more confused than anything else:

As did this interview:

I’m not sure how one goes from “feeling” that the play originally was about Bush, then about Huckabee and Edwards, and, finally, Obama. I do like the song about taking on the Bank, though. It’s kind of catchy.

It’s also interesting to note that Lyncoya, the Creek Indian whom Jackson sent to the Hermitage to be Andrew Jackson, Jr.’s “pett,” is a character in the show.

If anyone has seen it, I would love to hear your take.

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