I guess I missed my chance to see Andrew Jackson get all sexypants. “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” (BBAJ) is finishing its run on Broadway in early January. I hope that the show goes on the road to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, which would give me the chance to see it. By the way, if you’re looking to get me a stocking stuffer, there is a BBAJ soundtrack available.

I also hope this show stimulates interest in making a movie about Jackson. I don’t have much hope, given the lack of interest, until recently, in making movies about arguably the most influential and interesting U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln. If Spielberg is interested in doing an Old Hickory film, I’m available to serve as an historical consultant for a modest fee and my own trailer stocked with frosted strawberry Pop-tarts.

One more thing: I’ll be working on a holiday posting schedule until early January, which means fewer postings on an irregular basis.

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