THS 2012: Popularizing Jacksonian America

I consider my first visit to The Historical Society’s biennial meeting a success. In today’s post, I’ll cover the session in which I presented. On Thursday, I’ll discuss the session on digital history. Heather Richardson chaired and commented on my session, entitled “Popularizing Jacksonian America and ‘Frontier’ History.” Dan Allosso, a Ph.D. candidate at theContinue reading “THS 2012: Popularizing Jacksonian America”

The Historical Society 2012: “Old Hickory Just Got All Sexypants”

I’m attending this year’s meeting of The Historical Society, to be held in Columbia, SC, on May31-June 2. It’s my first time to be part of this conference, and I’m looking forward to meeting several people I know virtually. The conference theme is “Popularizing Historical Knowledge: Practice, Prospects, and Perils.” In keeping with the theme, I entitledContinue reading “The Historical Society 2012: “Old Hickory Just Got All Sexypants””

Interested in Panel for 2012 Historical Society Conference?

The Historical Society’s 2012 conference is scheduled for Columbia, South Carolina, on 31 May-2 June 2012. I’m intrigued by the theme,  “Popularizing Historical Knowledge: Practice, Prospects, and Perils.” The description reads: Professional historians in the United States are increasingly being called upon to produce more “popular,” more accessible history. How do and how should academic historians reach popular audiences?Continue reading “Interested in Panel for 2012 Historical Society Conference?”

“Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” To Close on Broadway

I guess I missed my chance to see Andrew Jackson get all sexypants. “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” (BBAJ) is finishing its run on Broadway in early January. I hope that the show goes on the road to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, which would give me the chance to see it. By the way, if you’reContinue reading ““Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” To Close on Broadway”

Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson Opens on Broadway

I can’t get enough of the Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson play that opened on Broadway last week. Two reviews have me even more intrigued. From the Associated Press: Jackson’s story is told in a series of vignettes and songs that veer from fratboy humor — girl-on-girl kissing, fist-bumping, ballet-dancing Indians — to slightly more sophisticated observations, such asContinue reading Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson Opens on Broadway”