This semester, I am teaching two upper-division history courses. The first is the Old South course, which I have never taught. Given my research interests, however, I think I’ll be well prepared to discuss the region from pre-1492 indigenous peoples through the Civil War.

The second upper-division course that I’m teaching has evolved over the past couple of months. Originally, I was going to teach a course on oral history. That plan was superseded by the necessity of offering the senior seminar course for several of our majors who need it to graduate or student teach. I’ve taught this course several times at two other universities; I hope that experience pays off here.

I’m also planning to write two of the remaining four chapters of the Jackson biography this spring. Hosting the Tennessee Conference of Historians on campus and undertaking some unforeseen administrative duties kept me from completing one of the two chapters that I had scheduled for the fall semester. If I’m not productive, then it’s going to be a LONG summer.

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