Be forewarned: I’m going to be self-serving in today’s post. (I know, I know–as if that’s different from any of my other posts.)

A new book on Andrew Jackson is out, and you should use it. The Age of Andrew Jackson (Kent State Univ. Press) is a collection of essays on various historiographical issues pertaining to the Jacksonian period. The first chapter, written by yours truly, gives an overview of Jacksonian historiography through Jon Meacham’s American Lion. Kris Ray addresses the corrupt bargain, while Wade Shaffer looks at Jacksonian party politics. Kevin Gannon and John Ellisor treat the nullification crisis and Indian removal, respectively. Beth Salerno examines Jacksonian reform, and Ryan Ruckel rounds out the volume by looking at the Jacksonian economy.

The book, as well as the series of which it is a part, is edited by my fellow Mississippi State alums, Brian McKnight and Jim Humphreys.

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