Which Historians Have Influenced You the Most?

I’ve been reflecting the past few weeks on the historians who’ve influenced my work or historical viewpoint the most. Some of the historians were obvious, but I was also surprised at who else came to mind after some thought. There is a distinct bias toward political historians. In no particular order, my list*: Robert V.Continue reading “Which Historians Have Influenced You the Most?”

New Book on Jacksonian Historiography

Be forewarned: I’m going to be self-serving in today’s post. (I know, I know–as if that’s different from any of my other posts.) A new book on Andrew Jackson is out, and you should use it. The Age of Andrew Jackson (Kent State Univ. Press) is a collection of essays on various historiographical issues pertainingContinue reading “New Book on Jacksonian Historiography”

Teaching the Historical Methods Course

I’m currently teaching an historical methods seminar for several of our seniors, a course that will be repeated in the fall semester as we move it from senior year to sophomore year. I enjoy teaching the course because it allows me to help students understand how to practice history. I assigned the following books for the course: Conal Furay andContinue reading “Teaching the Historical Methods Course”