Reflections on Robert V. Remini

As I noted earlier this week, Robert V. Remini passed away on March 28. Given his age, it wasn’t unexpected news. In fact, I had just been wondering about the health of Remini and also Donald Cole, who turned 91 last Sunday, over the weekend. Last year, I included Remini among the historians who influencedContinue reading “Reflections on Robert V. Remini”

Which Historians Have Influenced You the Most?

I’ve been reflecting the past few weeks on the historians who’ve influenced my work or historical viewpoint the most. Some of the historians were obvious, but I was also surprised at who else came to mind after some thought. There is a distinct bias toward political historians. In no particular order, my list*: Robert V.Continue reading “Which Historians Have Influenced You the Most?”

Review of Robert Remini’s At the Edge of the Precipice

Robert V. Remini is widely regarded as the authoritative historian of the Jacksonian period. His biographies of Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, and Daniel Webster are monumental works that remain definitive studies of the lives of these three politicians of the Middle Period. Remini brings his wealth of knowledge about the Early Republic period to hisContinue reading “Review of Robert Remini’s At the Edge of the Precipice

Biographies That Need Writing

In a 1997 essay entitled “American Political Biography,” Robert V. Remini assessed the state of the field and found it wanting: “Old-fashioned political biographies of ‘dead white males’ that are ‘character-driven narratives’ seem to have little appeal for graduate students. . . . These biographies could be written by doctoral candidates and would add significantly to ourContinue reading “Biographies That Need Writing”

Why I’m Blogging

Calling me a Luddite would be kind. I was late to computers, late to cellphones, late to Facebook. MySpace passed me by completely, and I texted for the first time this past April. Venturing into the blogosphere, as I’m told it’s called, is probably a choice I shouldn’t even consider. Yet, I’m making a leapContinue reading “Why I’m Blogging”