Should Historians Utilize Online Sources?

On the H-SHEAR discussion network earlier this week, Dan Feller called out historians who cite non-standard sources. He gave three examples from two books and one journal article that focused on the Jacksonian era. The two books cite non-institutional websites as their source for several of Andrew Jackson’s presidential messages instead of the standard sources: JamesContinue reading “Should Historians Utilize Online Sources?”

Responding to Criticism of Your Scholarship

I hate to be criticized. As an historian, it’s not fun to be told that your interpretation of historical evidence is wrong or lacking. The immediate reaction that I have is a desire to dig through my research files and prove the critic wrong. Honestly, though, once I’ve taken a few moments (or days), IContinue reading “Responding to Criticism of Your Scholarship”

Teaching the Historical Methods Course

I’m currently teaching an historical methods seminar for several of our seniors, a course that will be repeated in the fall semester as we move it from senior year to sophomore year. I enjoy teaching the course because it allows me to help students understand how to practice history. I assigned the following books for the course: Conal Furay andContinue reading “Teaching the Historical Methods Course”