Yesterday, I came across an eBay auction that sparked my curiosity.* The seller has two political campaign buttons: one of Millard Fillmore (left) and one of someone he thinks is Andrew Jackson Donelson (right).

The Fillmore button is correctly identified, but the other button does not depict Donelson, who looked like this in 1856:

The man does look familiar, though.** My first thought was that it was John C. Fremont (because of the beard), but, no:

Once someone posts the answer, I’ll have an “aha!” moment and kick myself for not matching a face with a name, so here’s your chance to show me up.

* Disclaimer: I don’t know the seller, and this post is not an advertisement to bid.

** I’m envisioning him as a northerner with antislavery ties, but I could be completely wrong.

5 thoughts on “Who Is This Nineteenth-Century Political Candidate?

      1. Yeah, I saw that cartoon in a textbook once, and I was surprised. Unless it is just supposed to represent an “unshaven” look, the way political cartoons always depicted Joseph McCarthy or Richard Nixon with five o’clock shadow.

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