WordPress automatically compiles a year-end blog, which I’ve adapted below to show my top ten posts of the year.

Andrew Jackson’s Profane Parrot 90,194

This post was picked up on reddit and blew the blog past 100,00 views.

AHA Bingo for 2013 Meeting in New Orleans 1,727

I didn’t make a new one for 2014, but it’s still popular.

What History Professors Do 773

Visitors liked this meme about historians.

Were Tariffs the Cause of the Civil War? 601

This was the first of two posts about David John Marotta’s historically inaccurate claims about the Civil War.

SHA 2013: Is Military History Central to the Study of the Civil War? 515

An SHA panel summary was picked up in several places.

What Does a History Course on Conspiracy Theories Look Like? 417

I’m not sure if crackpots or academics were interested in this post.

In Defense of the Liberal Arts 389

Part of my MOOC phase from earlier this year.

More Silliness about Tariffs from David John Marotta 336

The second post about Marotta and the Civil War.

Remembering Shannon Mallard 318

A post remembering my good friend, who died in November 2003.

Selling The Matrix Revolution in Higher Education 317

One of the posts I’m proudest of–a criticism of MOOCs and higher ed corporations who are trying to exploit faculty and students alike.

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