TN History Book Award (1)_My14On Thursday, Andrew Jackson, Southerner was named the winner of the 2013 Tennessee History Book Award, given jointly by the Tennessee Library Association and the Tennessee Historical Commission.

While every author secretly hopes to win some sort of award, I never thought that I would actually win one. What I write about isn’t fashionable, and I still remember the criticism of my writing by one grad school professor (which I won’t share here, but it’s advice I think still holds true for me today). As Twitterstorians and the blogosphere have been discussing recently (here and here), academic rejection is something that hurts immensely. While this award brings with it a sense of accomplishment, I suspect that imposter syndrome will set back in quickly.

Until then, I’ll enjoy the award. I am grateful to TLA, THC, and the awards committee for recognizing something worthwhile in the book, and I hope readers think it worth their time as well.TN History Book Award (2)_My14