Assessing the Threat to the Georgia State Archives

As you recall, I wrote earlier this semester about the proposed closing of the Georgia State Archives. The OAH has published a piece by¬†Jamil S. Zainaldin, president of the Georgia Humanities Council and secretary of the Friends of Georgia Archives and History, that is worth reading. He explains the historical developments that led to thisContinue reading “Assessing the Threat to the Georgia State Archives”

State of Georgia Closing State Archives

Updated (10/18/12): Georgia’s governor and secretary of state have agreed to keep the state’s archives open to the public for the rest of the budget year. The archives will then transfer to the state’s university system. It’s unclear to me and others whether the staffing cuts are part of this agreement. h/t Tammy Ingram UpdatedContinue reading “State of Georgia Closing State Archives”

TSLA Adds Online Newspaper Archives

I am super happy about the news that the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) and ProQuest have partnered to provide runs of several early Nashville newspapers online. This database is accessible only within the main TSLA building in Nashville; free access is also being provided to the public libraries in Springfield, Ashland City, Franklin,Continue reading “TSLA Adds Online Newspaper Archives”

From Blog Post to Publication: The Evolution of an Idea

Recently, a revised version of one of my blog posts was published. Much to my surprise, it has been widely distributed and read. Since the likelihood of another one of my blog posts having this reach is probably zero, I wanted to take this opportunity to trace the evolution of the post and its success.Continue reading “From Blog Post to Publication: The Evolution of an Idea”

In Praise of Librarians and Archivists

Since I was a child begging my mother to take me to the library on a daily basis, I have appreciated the designated keepers of books.¬†Conducting research as a student made me even more aware of the specialized jobs that academic librarians and archivists do every day to make life easier for people like me.Continue reading “In Praise of Librarians and Archivists”