I am super happy about the news that the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) and ProQuest have partnered to provide runs of several early Nashville newspapers online. This database is accessible only within the main TSLA building in Nashville; free access is also being provided to the public libraries in Springfield, Ashland City, Franklin, Lebanon, Gallatin and Murfreesboro.

The newspapers included:

Nashville Whig & Advertiser (1817-1819)

Nashville Whig (1812-1817; 1819-1826)

Nashville Republican & State Gazette (1827 – 1834)

Nashville Republican (1834 – 1837)

Republican Banner (1837 – 1875)

Daily American (1875 – 1894)

Nashville American (1894 – 1910)

Nashville Tennessean (1907 – 1910)

Nashville Tennessean & American (1910 – 1920)

Nashville Tennessean (1920 –1922)

2 thoughts on “TSLA Adds Online Newspaper Archives

  1. I am looking for a column which appeared in The Tennessean in the 1920s. It was titled something like “From an old man to his flapper daughter.” Please help.

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