BrANCH 2012: Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with BrANCH. The hosts, especially fellow Bulldog David Gleeson, were gracious. I liked conversing with graduate students and senior scholars from the U.K. about history, politics, and culture. The panels were excellent. I can’t make the conference every year, but I hope to have the opportunity to present thereContinue reading “BrANCH 2012: Final Thoughts”

BrANCH 2012: Rethinking Honour and Community

My panel was scheduled for Saturday afternoon. One of my c0-presenters, Ryan Quintana, is from Franklin and is teaching at Wellsley, so we compared notes about our geographic and family similarities. I’ll be honest–I find it hard to pay attention during panels on which I am a presenter because I’m thinking about my own presentation.Continue reading “BrANCH 2012: Rethinking Honour and Community”

BrANCH 2012: Uses and Abuses of African Americans in the 19th Century

The first BrANCH session I attended was “Exploration, Experiment, and Display: Uses and Abuses of African Americans in the Nineteenth Century.” (Three caveats: I sat halfway back in a large tiered classroom and had a hard time hearing the two presenters at some points. The Powerpoints were also a bit hard to read due toContinue reading “BrANCH 2012: Uses and Abuses of African Americans in the 19th Century”