BrANCH 2012: Rethinking Honour and Community

My panel was scheduled for Saturday afternoon. One of my c0-presenters, Ryan Quintana, is from Franklin and is teaching at Wellsley, so we compared notes about our geographic and family similarities. I’ll be honest–I find it hard to pay attention during panels on which I am a presenter because I’m thinking about my own presentation.Continue reading “BrANCH 2012: Rethinking Honour and Community”

BrANCH 2012: Rethinking Honour and Community in the Antebellum South

Saturday’s opening session was “Rethinking Honour and Community in the Antebellum South: A Roundtable,” chaired by Christopher Olsen and including panelists David Brown, Catherine Clinton, Steven Deyle, Becky Fraser, Lorri Glover, and Emily West. Olsen’s introductory remarks focused mostly on Bert Wyatt-Brown and his influence on the field. David Brown was first up. He provided the historical context for theContinue reading “BrANCH 2012: Rethinking Honour and Community in the Antebellum South”

Charles Dickinson’s Reinterment

I had the pleasure of attending Charles Dickinson’s reinterment in late June. Dickinson was the young lawyer who was killed in a duel with Andrew Jackson in 1806. The story of how Dickinson’s grave was discovered is a testament to hard work and persistence, by both Charles Miller, Dickinson’s great-great-great-grandson, and Fletch Coke, a well-known historic preservationist in Nashville. Most people whoContinue reading “Charles Dickinson’s Reinterment”