Debunking the Lincoln-Kennedy Federal Reserve Meme

There is a meme circulating on Facebook that seems to be based on the conspiracy theory that Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated by the Rothschilds because they wanted to “end the federal reserve banking system.” Let’s pick this meme apart to see how historically accurate it is. 1. There was no federalContinue reading “Debunking the Lincoln-Kennedy Federal Reserve Meme”

John F. Kennedy and Presidential Polling Popularity

The build-up to the fiftieth anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination has produced renewed interest in the 35th president. PBS showed an interesting two-part series on him last week, and John Kerry believes that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone. I’ll confess that I’ve never thought much of Kennedy as president, which, according to a recent poll,Continue reading “John F. Kennedy and Presidential Polling Popularity”