Recapping the 2013 Marszalek Lecture

The last 36 hours have been a whirlwind of activity as I participated in the 2013 Marszalek Lecture Series, which involved the contributors to the collection of essays, entitled Of Times and Race, that honored John Marszalek. What follows is a brief outline of the two days, with some concluding thoughts. On Tuesday night, Mike Ballard, Tom Cockrell, Steve … Continue reading Recapping the 2013 Marszalek Lecture

Marszalek Lecture on March 20

Many of you remember that several of John Marszalek's former doctoral students had the pleasure of surprising him with a festschrift last March. On Wednesday, March 20, we will be serving as the 2013 Marszalek Lecturer(s). John and his wife Jeanne established the lecture series in 2003, inviting a distinguished scholar to speak each year. … Continue reading Marszalek Lecture on March 20

Ten Years Ago Today

On 28 June 2002, I successfully defended my dissertation at Mississippi State University. I never imagined pursuing a graduate degree, much less a Ph.D. Having my committee members shake my hand and call me Dr. Cheathem was quite a surreal experience. I've said it before, but I can't thank John Marszalek, Connie Lester, Libby Nybakken, … Continue reading Ten Years Ago Today

The Dissertation Process, Part 1

Last year, I wrote a Facebook note outlining the process that I went through to write my dissertation in 2001-02. I thought it might be useful to post it here for readers who might be graduate students who are pre-comps or who are just beginning the process. I've edited my original note to remove some personal … Continue reading The Dissertation Process, Part 1