Andrew Jackson Donelson’s Mississippi Plantation: A Follow-up

During the early days of Jacksonian America, I wrote a post about Andrew Jackson Donelson’s home in Bolivar County, Mississippi. Recently, Bob Lovinggood, a descendant of Captain J.T. Lovinggood, contacted me about photographs of the home. Captain Lovinggood owned the home after the Donelsons and sold it to the Yates family in 1912. Much ofContinue reading “Andrew Jackson Donelson’s Mississippi Plantation: A Follow-up”

Andrew Jackson Donelson’s Home in Bolivar County, Mississippi

I suspect that most historians have numerous stories and images that never make it into their books. Some of them are turned into articles; most probably stay buried in research notes. In looking through old photographs, I came across some that I took in hopes of using them for the Donelson biography. I never found a way to incorporateContinue reading “Andrew Jackson Donelson’s Home in Bolivar County, Mississippi”

Springfield Mansion Gets a Facelift

From the Natchez Democrat: At 219-years-old, Springfield Plantation has new life. An 11-month restoration to the historic mansion was recently completed bringing the home back to its original grandeur. The federal-style mansion was built from 1786 to 1791 as a home for Thomas Marston Green Jr., a wealthy planter from Virginia. The most recent restoration wasContinue reading “Springfield Mansion Gets a Facelift”